Daniela Fargion Florence


A collection that embraces a young and refined world with lace, transparencies, and vivid colors. A style that combines elegancy with simplicity and an extraordinary taste for every type of woman; a collection dream come true


Daniela Fargion?

A successful entrepreneur, a woman with a thousand resources, and above all a loving mother of five children

Daniela Fargion follows the fashion trends for over 30 years while experiencing first hand evolutions and creative aspect. With an entrepreneurial intuition that led her to share her talent with leading industry professionals, Daniela Fargion delivers passion with great commitment.
Everything began working in Rai as a producer, creating fashion on television, the first events, Woman Under The Stars, Taste of Salt and Florence Dream and many others, some of which broadcast worldwide. In the years from 1985 to 1995 she becomes the undisputed protagonist experiencing television very big success. The constitution of the D & D La Certosa Spa is not that the realization of the ambitious project by working with the best fashion designers on TV decides to take advantage of its unique friendships to form the first companies in Europe of Stock.
The company D & D La Certosa Spa operates in the distribution sector by selling stock and buying the production of the current season of children’s, women’s, and men’s apparel, accessories, shoes and bags of large Italian and international brands, having with some brands the exclusivity on products. The company has been the best conclusion of a career in which time and energy had been devoted to the creation of strong cooperation relationships with the leaders of the ‘Made in Italy’ and International Brands.

In 2008, she became Order of Merit for Labour and Grand Officer of Italian Republic.
In 2009, she opened the first Luxury Outlet in Sardinia, Luxury Mall, which is immediately recognized as the best retailer and won the Gold Brick. Luxury Mall developed into a chain of outlets around Europe; a real concept of luxury brands accessible to everyone, thanks to the high discount offered to the customers.
This is precisely our aim: ‘to give to everyone what they dream’, for this she begins to produce her own fashion line, testing it in the Luxury Mall which confirmed a great success since the brand became the number one in sales; thanks to the quality and uniqueness of the products. Everybody wishes to have the best and if you create quality clothing from luxurious brands while being easily accessible… success!
Daniela Fargion Florence is a brand born from a woman full of enthusiasm. Jasmine, one of Daniela’s daughters contributes passion and courage, along with many great ideas. Her motto « to dream strongly and making your dreams and desires into reality is possible. Dreams can always become truth if you put all yourself into a project.»

Brand Daniela Fargion

Created in 1998, Daniela Fargion has grown from year to year thanks to the collections that follow the current fashion with competitive price advantage and high quality.
The sales channels at D & D La Certosa Spa have made the brand Daniela Fargion known over the years. It was sold together with the other big brands in markets located in Australia, Europe, USA, and South America. The spread of the DF products was successful that our main priority is to open many small shops within the USA market.
The distribution within the Luxury Mall begins the direct confrontation with the customer.
Daniela Fargion’s line is both simple and complex; thanks to competitive pricing, DF became the number 1 in sales with a cut-throat competition and confronting brands like: Chloe, Celine and Dsquared 2 etc.
In 2014-2015, the grand launch of the DF brand sold over 5000 pieces to the biggest online websites such as Yoox, Amazon and Secret Sale.
A refined yet contemporary style, DF’s collection is a mix that targets women ages 15 to 60 years of age. Jasmine, daughter of Daniela Fargion is responsible for researching and developing new trends and fashion forward ideas.

Created for every type of occasion, whether you are running to work or preparing/attending a party, DF offers simplicity, comfort, and class which also, represents the daily collection.
For the evening silks, chiffon, and fine lace accompany the movements of a sensual woman, a woman full of charm who we all desire to be.
A line suitable for all sophisticated women joining the trend to vintage, with transparencies and provocative lace. Over ‘thirty-year experience in fashion that leads a linear and laborious taste brand which represents a 360’ degrees a woman’s desire.
Our collection is the first to change every two months by ending with six (6) collections per year and always offering the customers new experience and a look in the shop.
Sexy casual looks designed for the young-at-heart, bombshells, and modern feminine pieces for the fabulous woman worldwide.
Fresh and new, our collection encloses the best designer brands affordable for everyone. DF prides itself in high quality Made in Italy (Florence) pieces.
Our aim is to share unique and luxurious styles to everyone: “Everyone deserves to dress as they wish or dream about, with affordable prices.
“Everybody can wear a product thought for few.”



Mission Statement

The Daniela Fargion brand would like to open small spaces in order to create a rooted and strong distribution channel in the USA and more developed European capitals such as New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Washington, Boston, Paris, London, and Amsterdam.
With the opening of these stores we would like to satisfy the women’s desires for luxury products by providing excellent quality and competitive prices.
We would like to create our web page where you can choose to buy for ‘Outfit / Match’ and have various proposals, spiced with Daniela Fargion bags and shoes, for both day and evening. A kind of virtual personal shopper that will help our clients in ‘purchase of products.
Every product the consumer purchases, we give 10% of it to charity, Save the Children in Africa, for less fortunate kids. The consumer is donating by buying any product of Daniela Fargion. We are really involved in charity for it is a way to make another life better…and why not give while you are shopping!
Beyond the 30 years of experience in fashion, Daniela Fargion became a real reference in fashion as she makes the impossible accessible to all.

Maximum usage of space 30-50m2

  • Full high use of space, from floor to ceiling
  • Combination of shelving system with island
  • Special shelving for shoes and bags

Young and international is minimal style Clean And Simple lines
Combination of shelves and island element


Elegant materials as combination of high gloss cover and raw finishes


Interior of showroom is used as a frame for stylish and trendy clothes


Special Shelving for Shoes and Bags



Examples of Shelves and Elements


Examples of Lightning System